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Our C-suite leaders have decades of experience guiding startups, fast-growing companies and enterprises. With our Fractional CxO Services, you get on-demand, executive-level strategic advice and leadership without the cost of a full-time executive.




Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Access an experienced operations executive to optimize day-to-day processes, improve efficiency, oversee staff and implement growth plans. Our fractional COOs provide the hands-on leadership to scale your business operations.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Access financial expertise to develop budgets, manage cash flow, pursue funding and investments, and set up financial systems.


Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)

Engage an expert to ensure compliance with privacy laws and implement a privacy program to protect personal data and build customer trust. Stay ahead of evolving regulations with strategic privacy leadership.

Chief Information/Technology Officer (CIO/CTO)

Our experts can assess systems, improve cybersecurity, manage IT teams and provide the technical leadership to support growth - without the cost of a full-time executive.

Vendor Management Executive​

Get support in strategically managing third-party relationships and suppliers. Our vendor management experts have experience selecting vendors, negotiating contracts, overseeing implementations and governing partnerships - enabling you to effectively scale through vendor ecosystems.


Pay only for the hours you need

Flexible, on-demand access to top talent

Cost-effective compared to a full-time executive

C-suite guidance tailored to your business goals and growth stages

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Key Contact

Vicky Fang | Phone: 408.203.8778

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