Gray Reed Advisory Services guides business owners and managers through the complex process of designing a strategy that will maximize profitability, reduce costs and facilitate sustainable growth. After a research phase, we help clients set transformative short- and long-term objectives, and implement a detailed strategic action plan to accomplish them.

We also help clients achieve C-suite and employee “buy-in” on the new strategy and build a company culture where goal accountability is a core value across every department, from finance, accounting, sales and marketing to operations, human resources, information technology and administrative.


Our team advises clients who are struggling to navigate all types of challenging operational issues. We analyze how a company is organized from top to bottom and how its business processes are performing in each department. As we uncover the specific problems impacting the bottom line, we brainstorm a tailored strategy to put the company on the right track and increase profitability, whether it involves organizational restructuring or implementing a series of targeted action items over time.

Our broad capabilities also include optimizing pricing structures, managing contractual obligations owed to clients and vendors, and conducting audits to streamline vendor services and reduce costs.


Companies rely on us to advise them on how to optimize marketing and sales operations in sync with business growth strategies. Through quantitative and qualitative analyses, we help clients understand where improvements are needed, what improvements to make and how to make them.

We start with a goal-setting session and a comprehensive audit of current marketing strategies, operations, processes, and organizational structure to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This approach enables us to help clients set transformative goals and design the most effective roadmap to achieve them.


Our digital and technology advisors develop innovative solutions that are tailored to our client’s current needs and adaptable to future challenges and opportunities. From strategy and planning to vendor selection and a seamless rollout, we provide advisement in a variety of areas, including cloud and on-premise data management, cybersecurity and data privacy, software applications, hardware, network solutions and telecommunications.

We also audit vendor portfolios to ensure cutting-edge services are always being used, and at the right price points.