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Hassle-Free Process

Focus on running your business while our team of experts handle the intricacies and complexities of developing and executing a vendor selection strategy.

Maximize Value and Minimize Costs
Our competitive bidding and contract negotiation strategies help you save money, ensuring that you receive the best possible deal with the most suitable vendor.


Ensure Vendor Accountability

Our partnership can continue as we assist with managing the contract and confirming vendor performance aligns with the executed contract.

We offer expert guidance and a hands-on approach to tackle any or all aspects of your vendor selection process – saving you time and money while maximizing value.



Our decision to bring in outside experts was a game-changer. By using a competitive process, we were able to identify the right vendor, maximize value, and optimize costs. It brought in a level of expertise we didn't know we were missing and saved our employees the headache of figuring out and managing the process themselves.

Kevin Neal, City Manager
City of Lorena, Texas


Vendor Selection

We assess your goals and requirements to determine the vendor selection process that best fits your needs.

Vendor Selection

We remove the complexity and effort around managing a vendor selection process and partner with you to drive the process, from vendor selection through contract signing


We provide expert guidance and/or directly negotiate contracts for organizations who do not have the time or resources to manage the negotiation process.

Ongoing Vendor

We regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of your vendors against your active contracts to achieve better outcomes, mitigate risks, and proactively resolve performance disputes.

Chris Kinney profile image
Key Contact

Christopher Kinney | Phone: 254.342.3010

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