Photo of Christopher Kinney

As a consultant with Gray Reed Advisory, Christopher Kinney advises and assists companies and local governments of all sizes to manage their contract inventory effectively and efficiently through the lifecycle of an agreement.  He is experienced at advising on choosing the right solicitation path (e.g., RFP, IFB, RFSQ) best suited to accomplish your goals from developing and orchestrating the solicitation process, evaluating responses, negotiating and drafting contracts, managing obligations, and maximizing value during agreement renewal.

Christopher is also currently Gray Reed’s Contracts Administrator and responsible for maintaining the Firm’s agreements including preparing, analyzing, reviewing, drafting and negotiating various vendor and service agreements, ranging from standard to highly complex. Prior to joining the firm, Christopher spent nearly 17 years in government contracting with the County of Los Angeles.

Christopher earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University – Bakersfield and is a proud veteran of the United States Army.

Companies routinely sign contracts and promptly file them away, often neglecting to thoroughly review the terms and costs agreed to. The truth is major cost reductions regularly lurk unnoticed within signed contracts.

By analyzing contracts before renewal, major cost reductions can often be achieved on services, pricing, length of term, and other outdated provisions. Even

Vendors and suppliers are essential partners to nearly every business. But are yours coming at too high a cost? In the face of rising prices, interest rate hikes and inflation fears, companies are looking for cost-saving strategies to lower operating expenses, including finding new vendors.

We have found the most efficient method for sourcing and