Gray Reed Advisory Services helps business owners and managers create and execute strategies that elevate their company from where they are today to where they want to be in the future.

Our clients are typically at a crossroads when they decide to hire a strategic advisor – either they’ve carried the company as far they can alone and profits have flatlined, or they’ve outgrown their organizational structure and various operational stresses have taken their toll.

Why Gray Reed Advisory Services?

The status quo isn’t good enough. We are here to change what clients have come to expect from a consulting firm. Gray Reed Advisory Services brings together strategy, operations, marketing and IT working in conjunction with our legal services partner, Gray Reed.

Our Senior Gray Reed Advisory Services team is composed of skilled advisors with decades of collective C-suite experience. We strive to be a true partner that cares about the growth of our client’s business.

The Solutions We Can Offer

We lead clients through the change process and help them find creative and impactful ways to increase profitability, streamline business processes an achieve sustainable growth in their market.

Experienced Change Makers

Gray Reed Advisory Services team is comprised of skilled advisors with years of collective C-suite experience helping the Gray Reed law firm grow into a well-known, full-service firm with nearly 160 lawyers, diverse clients around the globe and three Texas offices. We founded Gray Reed Advisory Services to bring the same trusted advisor approach and high level of personal service to helping clients improve and grow their businesses.

A Part of the Gray Reed Family

The Gray Reed family marries the legal services provided by Gray Reed attorneys with the strategic consulting provided by Gray Reed Advisory Services. With more than 160 attorneys, Gray Reed, the law firm, provides clients experienced legal counsel whether it is closing a major transaction or representation in the courtroom. Gray Reed Advisory Services provides experts in the areas of strategy, operations, marketing & business development and information technology. The alignment of these two organizations provides clients a breadth of resources to maximize their potential and overcome any challenge they may face in the lifecycle of their business.